Was Kim Kardashian’s robbery incident an inside job?

Kim Kardashian Photo/ courtesy MTV news


According to the latest reports on Kim Kardashian’s robbery, the heist may have been an inside job.

According to a French Newspaper, Le Monde, one of the 17 suspects who were arrested in connection to the incident is a limo driver from a private limousine company that the family usually uses during their frequent visits to Paris. Police confirm that the 27 year old driver was the last to chauffeur Kim Kardashian before the robbery and was the one who knew all her movements.

The report also says that amongst the 17 suspects arrested, 14 are men and three are women, with the oldest being a 72 year old, amongst the suspects 5 are burglars. Furthermore, the report states DNA was found on the hose clamp that matched the police records of a man arrested for armed robbery, and that was the lead for authorities. The police then spent days watching the CCTV images around the hotel before the robbery.

Previously reported, robbers held Kim K. at gunpoint in Paris in the beginning of October and stole at almost $11 million worth of her jewelry, including one of her diamond rings that was reportedly an “upgraded” 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring Kanye West had given to her in September.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star, and mother of two, recently stepped back into the spotlight after taking a long break from the public eye following the terrifying ordeal.


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