Photos: Celebrities team up to fight Cancer at the Texas Cancer centre

Comedian Eric Omondi and News Anchor Lillian Muli shared a stage on Thursday, February 15.

The two headlined the first anniversary of International childhood cancer day courtesy of the Texas Centre.


The facility is located along Mbagathi road on the Ole Sangale Road


The duo were in action alongside the Uwezo Support Group, renowned actresses and musician Gilad.

Kenya is seeking to reduce instances of childhood cancer to lower level like in more developed countries. Photos: Opipi

Kids at the facility gave out valentine flowers and gifts as part of raising awareness on cancer in kids.


Organizers of the event are seeking to pass information to parents to take their kids for regular check-ups.

If diagnosed early, cases of cancers in kids can be handled and cured as opposed to when they are discovered in later stages.

Comedian Eric Omondi and DR Catherine share a hearty moment during the International Childhood Cancer Day. Photo: Opipi


International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) February 15, 2018 is a day when people come together to  “Advance Cures and Transform Care” and make childhood cancer a national child health priority.
Kenya hopes to steadily improve cure rates from the current 20- 30%  to  survival rates  seen in high-income countries which reach an average of 80%.

Citizen TV Prime Time News Anchor Lillian Muli at the event on Thursday, February 15. Photo: Opipi

Texas Cancer Centre  joined the rest of the world in marking this day. Texas will having a series of activities involving parents with children who have survived child-hood cancer  share the challenges to create awareness.

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