Nairobi bloggers stranded after their payment goes missing despite a day of hurling insults

There is tension in a group of Nairobi microbloggers after money that was meant for them went missing in unclear circumstances.

The team of bloggers had reportedly been promised KSh 300 each to hurl insults at Jubilee blogger, Pauline Njoroge.

Only a few of them got the money as promised, leaving the rest high and dry.

The whole spat began after Ms Njoroge called out Sonko in what she termed as the governor’s inadequacy and diversionary tactics.

“Sonko should stop the sideshows and work. He is now claiming that he is being fought by people including some technocrats from Mt. Kenya…. of course these are diversionary tactics to cover up for his inadequacies and non performance. Whatever he said on Kameme this morning was in very bad taste,” Ms Njoroge’s post read in part.

A screengrab of the activity from social media.

In March, Sonko had claimed that some politicians from Central Kenya were holding night meetings seeking to scuttle a William Ruto presidency.

And during an interview with Kameme FM earlier in the week, Sonko blamed his government’s slow delivery on a higher power which was being fine-tuned from central Kenya.

Popular Jubilee blogger, Pauline Njoroge. Photo: Facebook/Paulline Njoroge


Ms Njoroge also touched a raw nerve when she mentioned Sonko’s tiff with the interior PS who has asked Sonko to stop using a flag on his car.

Sonko should stop claiming he is being fought by Interior PS just because he was stopped from flying the Kenyan flag. No governor is allowed to fly that and his case is not exceptional…. it’s the law not a personal issue. For heaven’s sake with all the traffic issues we have in Nairobi, drainage and garbage problems etc, flying a flag should be the least of a governor’s worries,” Ms Njoroge  added.

In Kenya, according to the law, governors’ cars are not supposed to bear a flag which saw Sonko get a communique to remove his.

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