A look inside the KSh 1 million per couple royal wedding Kenyan event

While the royal wedding will be going down at the Windsor Palace in the UK, here in Kenya our own version of the whole ceremony will be at the Windsor Gardens, along Kiambu road.

And it will be hosted by high fashion model and entrepreneur, Susan Kaitanny who is the acclaimed ‘lifestyle connoiseur’

The Kenyan event going by posters making rounds online will allow lucky Kenyan couples to wallow in and enjoy royal treatment, helicopter rides to Mt Kenya, delightful dinner and a set of diamonds for the lady.

All this will come at a cost of KSh 1 million, meant to cater for the once in a lifetime experience, live coverage of the event and the diamonds your woman will carry home.

A snippet of the event which will set back lucky couples KSh 1 million. Photos: Susan Kaitanny/Facebook

Before the night out, couples will be treated to English brunch by food virtuoso James Dennis as they take part in watching a high-fashion show from leading bridal designers at the venue.

There will be flair bar-tending, champagne toasts and live commentary on the wedding to crown this wondrous and momentous event.

Get your cheque books ready.

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