Kenyans on Twitter demand for the arrest of FKF president, Nick Mwendwa

Kenyans om social media have called for the arrest of Riverbank director and associates, citing massive corruption and deep-rooted fraud.

According to contract papers seen by eDaily, Riverbank approaches county governments purporting to be working with Football Kenya Federation (FKF)

Riverbank then promises that it will work with FKF to build stadiums and digitize revenue collection in the county.

FKF president Nick Mwendwa is linked closely to Riverbank Solutions which offers a variety of digital revenue collection platforms.

Riverbank then collects funds for the implementation of revenue collection platforms which normally range from KSh 30 million to 60 million.

The implementation is supposed to happen within a period of six months as from the date the contracts are signed.

Riverbank currently has not capacity to build stadiums in Kenya and has been dragged through the courts by counties which feel shortchanged.

Nakuru, Mombasa, Kericho, Embu and Tharak Nithi counties have already cancelled contracts with the firm due to lack of capacity and breach of contractual agreements.

Since the implemetation fee is not refundable, counties are losing more than KSh 30 million to the company which goes scot free after telling the courts that the money was used to set up he revenue platforms.

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