Kenyans on Twitter ask Sonko to appoint Agnes Kagure as Deputy Governor

Kenyans on social media are pushing for the appointment of Agnes Kagure as Mike Sonko’s deputy.

Her push began as soon as Polycarp Igathe resigned and flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir advised Sonko to pick the successful businesswoman and feted Insurance Agent.

Then the conversation spilled online with Kenyans rallying up behind the stoic businesswoman.

She has behind her an impressive career in insurance and management almost like Polycarp Igathe, a former manager at Vivo energy.

Ms Mugure won Insurance Agent of the Year, for two consecutive years, beating 333 agents from across the country.

She began her career as a sales representative at the age of 20 and steadily rose to the position of an Agency Manager at CFC Life.

Ms Agnes Kagure during the event in which she won the agent of the year award. Photo:CFClife

She later became CFC Company’s Executive Financial Advisor.

She has previously appeared on Businessdaily’s Top 40 under 40 women who have excelled in the corporate, government and enterprise world.


As it is, she is heads and shoulders above a smattering of other possible names eyeing the positition of deputy governor.

So who will it be? Time will tell.

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