Kenyans on Twitter attack Governor Mike Sonko over closure of Top city Clubs


Twitter has erupted in fury after a video emerged of security men ejecting revellers from top city nightclubs and hounding them into waiting Police lorries.

In some two videos circulating the internet, which also made it to the national news on TV, party-goers can be seen being escorted out of City nightclubs Kiza Lounge and B-Club and later being piled into a police lorry to destinations not known.

On Twitter, Kenyans trained their anger and disgust at the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who has been on the forefront of championing the closure of top Nairobi clubs.

Karen Jude, tweeted, “And what of the Mabati churches in my area? Has the Governor considered closing them down? They wake me up every 4am with loud, distorted music!”

And Luke Bunde lamented the state of noisiness in his neighborhood tweeting, “Why close clubs that honestly couldn’t even compare to the noise, madness and recklessness that goes on in Umoja?”

From most of the tweets, most of which were directed at the embattled Governor and the NEMA outfit, Kenyans seemed to sense dishonesty in the way the whole affair was being conducted.

“And arresting party-goers? What sort of madness is this? What crime has a reveler committed? Is this Saudi Arabia?” Mark Kimotho tweeted.

Over the last two weeks, the Nairobi County Government has spearheaded a vigorous campaign against clubs like Space Lounge, Jiweke Tavern, Kiza Lounge and B-Club and has even intimated to having their operational licences revoked and the clubs closed down with immediate affect.

Already, some 3,500 Kenyans, most of whom are staff and employees of the targeted nightclubs, are staring at unemployment if the said order is to be followed through.


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