Zari three difficult questions to Diamond over cheating fiasco, singer not off the hook


Wealthy Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has revealed she is yet to fully forgive her partner Diamond Platnumz for cheating on her with video vixen Hamisa Mobetto in late December last year, a fling which resulted in a baby.

Speaking on Uganda’s Sanyu FM, the mother-of-five posed three questions, which she deemed needed answers, which Diamond Platnumz is still scratching his head hard to find.

“Diamond is still fighting to live up to my standards. Why cheat with a low life, why cheat from my bed, why not wear a condom?” she posed.


“Well, he is on probation. I can even date a hundred men, because, I love being loved, even if I left him today,  I will date someone else tomorrow,” added Ms Hassan.

Zari is in Uganda for the Zari All White Party penciled in for December 21. The event will take place at Club Guvnor in Kampala.


Even as Zari Hassan continues to put Diamond Platnumz to task to explain how he and Ms Mobetto ended up in the same bed, Ms Mobetto in an October, 2017 revelation said she and the heavy-hitter were in a secret love affair which spanned 9 years, ending 2017.

Ms Mobetto dismissed Diamond Platnumz’s allegations that they only hooked up in December last year to rekindle a love affair that began in 2009, and ended one year later.

She claimed Diamond was dating her secretly alongside his many ex-girlfriends and now bonafide partner Zari Hassan.

Ms Mobetto made those claims on Tanzania’s Clouds TV. She said: “I have been in a relationship with Diamond for nine years now, which will soon be ten.”


After revealing that he sired Ms Mobetto’s baby, who was born in August 8, 2017, Diamond Platnumz, in a September 19, 2017 interview, said he was ready do everything humanly possible to ask Zari Hassan for forgiveness.

Speaking on Tanzania’s Clouds FM, Diamond Platnumz admitted that he and Mobetto dated from 2009 to 2010, and that their love affair grew at a time when the singer was struggling to get a breakthrough in the music industry.

“I blame the devil, who drove me into restarting an illicit relationship with Mobetto, which has resulted into the birth of a baby boy,” Diamond said.

“The baby boy is indeed mine; I would not want to deny that he is not my blood; he is. I have always given Hamisa money to support the child. I also bought the mother a Toyota Rav 4, I did not want her to struggle,” said Diamond.

“Before the baby was born, I gave the mother Ksh375, 000 for delivery. The baby was born when I was in Europe. I asked my mother Sanura Kassim to visit Mobetto and the baby in hospital in August, 2017.

“Sadly Mobetto called the press and looked down upon my mother on the day she gave birth. All I want is to ask my partner, Zari Hassan, for forgiveness, and all the people that were offended by my actions. I don’t hate Mobetto, though I request her to prioritise the boy’s future; posting pictures online won’t help.

“All the videos Mobetto is posting online – of herself and I in bed – won’t help her. I cannot leave Zari Hassan; I am ready to walk on my knees to South Africa to plead with Zari to forgive me,” said Diamond Platnumz.

Ms Mobetto would, later, accuse Diamond Platnumz of being a dead beat dad.


The Kisutu Juvenile Court in Dar es Salaam on November 10, 2017 threw out a case which Ms Mobetto had filed on October 5 seeking to be given a monthly child support of Ksh230, 000 by the singer.

Magistrate Devotha Kisoka gave her ruling after listening to submissions by both Ms Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz’s lawyer argued that Ms Mobetto did not follow due procedure – of engaging his client in talks over child support – before opting to sue the singer.

The Salome hit-maker’s lawyer further argued that Mobetto’s Ksh230, 000 monthly child support demand was too high for his client to consistently raise.

Ms Mobetto’s lawyers, Abdullah Zulu and Walter Godluck of Century Attorneys, had also sued Diamond Platnumz for defamation.

They claimed that their client, Hamisa Mobetto, had, in previous occasions, unsuccessfully requested Diamond Platnumz to issue an apology for insinuating that she was a loose woman for sleeping with him behind his partner, Zari Hassan’s back.

They said their client wanted the court to compel the award-winning musician to issue a formal apology to Ms Mobetto.

Ms Mobetto claimed Diamond Platnumz’s statement “shocked” and “had negative consequences” on her family. The case was thrown out.










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