Zari tackles Diamond break up reports head-on, speaks on Prince Nillan’s paternity

Zari Hassan finally reveals what is keeping her from marrying Diamond Platnumz

Wealthy Ugandan socialite-cum-businesswoman, Zari Hassan, has refuted reports recently published on online entertainment outlets claiming that she and her singer partner, Diamond Platnumz, are no longer a couple.

Speaking on Clouds FM U-Heard Show on Friday, October 6, Zari said sections thought she and Platnumz have gone separate ways after she deleted the singer’s 2000-plus pictures from her official Instagram page.

The mother-of-five now says, contrary to the popular belief, she and the Make Me Sing hit-maker are still together, and that she decided to delete all his pictures from her social media account because Platnumz did not wish her a happy birthday on all his social media pages as was the case in previous occasions.

“No, we have not broken up. It is just a little bit of issues going on. There is always going to be drama because we are two celebrities,” said Zari Hassan.

“Diamond Platnumz and I have no grudge, whatsoever. I respect him the same way he respects me. We have a contract outlining how we would manage our companies. We are abiding by that contract. When it comes to our engagement, we take it seriously,” said Zari Hassan.

So, if all is well between them, at least according to Zari, then why is there a perceived rift between them – why did she remove all Diamond’s pictures from her social media accounts, and went ahead to block him?

“I wished him a happy birthday on October 2 – on social media and also on a personal level. He should have done the same. I would really like him to harmonise his social media lifestyle and his real life,” said Zari Hassan.

Even though Zari Hassan claims Diamond Platnumz did not wish her a happy birthday, the Tanzanian heavy-hitter did so on his official Instagram page on September 23, where he heaped praise on the Ugandan.

Diamond wrote: “If it is about beauty, and a pretty face, I would have gotten it from any other woman. What attracted me to Zari Hassan is her brilliance, wisdom, resilience and big heart. I will value her even as days go by. As they say, behind every successful man is a woman. That is true. Those who coined that phrase did not mean a woman who cooks, does laundry every day, but one who stands by her partner for better and for worse. Happy birthday to my general, Zari Hassan,”

During the Clouds FM interview, Zari Hassan also refuted dominant online speculations that her fifth born child, Prince Nillan, was not sired by Diamond Platnumz, but her late ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga.

“The rumours are false. Nillan is Diamond Platnumz’s son.”


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