Zari Hassan: Why Diamond Platnumz must pay a fine to my parents

Zari Hassan finally reveals what is keeping her from marrying Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan, the partner of Tanzanian singing sensation Diamond Platnumz, has revealed that Diamond will have to pay a fine to her parents for siring two children with her out of wedlock.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Clouds FM recently, Zari said: “He will pay a damage price for siring two children with me out of wedlock. In our culture, the damage is like a fine for a wrongdoing. I don’t know how much money he will have to pay, but my family loves him. So, they will be lenient with him.”

Diamond Platnumz will officially be introduced to Zari’s family on March this year, where it is expected Diamond will pay the fine.

The two also divulged that they are yet to make any wedding plans, but would tie the knot “after making further economic investments – and putting up apartments for their two children, Nillan and Latiffah Dangote”.

No love at first sight

In the interview, Zari said that she was not attracted to Diamond Platnumz when she first met him, slightly over two years ago.

“When I got with him, I did not know that one day we will date. Honestly, I was like: He is a good guy. But I was like, no; he is not the man for me. Nothing attracted me to him, even one. But before I knew it, I had developed feelings for him. There was no wow factor in the beginning.”

The two met officially aboard a plane.

“Before meeting in the flight, we used to communicate – but nothing love-related. I learnt that love cannot be foreboded; it just comes from nowhere. He did not approach me with the celebrity mentality and I did not relate with him with the celebrity mentality.

“He understands me well – when I am happy or sad. You know when your partner does not understand you then everything seems not to work out.”


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