Zari Hassan launches ruthless attack on Wema Sepetu in a Snapchat meltdown

If you thought that the beef between Zari Hassan and her rival Wema Sepetu was over, you thought wrong.

Zari has gone for Wema’s jugular in a fresh Snapchat-meltdown  witnessed by thousands of her followers.

It all began when Zari accused Wema of being the primary reason why she broke up with Diamond on Valentine’s day.

She claimed that the last straw that broke her marriage was when photos of Diamond petting Wema Sepetu surfaced on the internet.

Wema and Diamond got cozy momentarily during a Wasafi event in Arusha towards end of January 2018.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu long before they broke up. Photo: Instagram/Wemasepetu

Now, Wema is scheduled to make a debut on the Diamond-owned Wasafi TV where she will host a reality TV show.

This, Wema says has nothing to do with her relationship with Diamond and is as professional as professional be.

Zari however thinks that the upcoming reality show has everything to do with Wema’s 9-year relationship with her ex-husband.

She recommends that Wema focuses her show on how she has been Diamond’s side fool for the last nine years.

“Young, beautiful and all but cannot get your own man .. engaged but he wont acknowledge you in public, sister, check yourself,” Zari wrote in part.

A screengrab of Zari’s rant on Snapchat where she says that Wema should focus on talking about being Diamond’s side fool for the last nine years.

Wema who broke up with Diamond in 2014 however says that she has never kissed Diamond since they broke up.

She asked Zari to talk to her ex-husband to get to the root of the matter instead of dragging other people into her mess.

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