Zari Hassan finally reveals what is keeping her from marrying Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan finally reveals what is keeping her from marrying Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan, the partner of Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, has said she wants her wedding to the award-winning musician be the biggest and most expensive affair to have ever happened in East Africa.

She notes that the wedding will only take place after she and Diamond Platnumz have made further economic investments.

Speaking on Clouds FM on Thursday, February 9, Zari Hassan said she and Diamond Platnumz are not under pressure to exchange vows.

She said that they have never sat down to plan their wedding, despite having two children together.

Zari Hassan adds that she will settle down formally with Diamond Platnumz once they build for their children apartments which “will help them in future, even if we won’t be around”.

Zari Hassan, nonetheless, said Diamond Platnumz will visit her parents for formal introduction in March this year – and he will use the opportunity to seek the blessings of Zari’s father.

I am not impressed by Diamond-Zari relationship: Sheikh

Sheikh Salum in December last year said Diamond Platnumz has sired children with Zari Hassan out of wedlock – and that act is against Islamic moral teachings and practice.

“Islamic teachings say conceiving or siring children out of wedlock is a sin. Therefore Diamond’s habit of siring children with Zari, without being in a formal union, is wrong. Human beings, unlike animals, are expected to sire or conceive children only after exchanging vows in a ceremony officiated by a religious leader. Otherwise, we would be committing a sin,” Sheikh Salum told Global Publishers on December 1.

“A wedding ceremony is not an expensive or time-consuming affair. It only requires the couple-to-be to look for a religious leader who would preside over the formalization of their union. It will only cost TSh50, 000 (KSh2, 300) or TSh100, 000 (KSh4, 700), and thereafter the pair will continue living their life properly before God’s eyes.

“If Zari and Diamond are ready to commit to each other for the rest of their lives, I’d like to promise them that I am ready to officiate their wedding free of charge. I would fuel my car and proceed to a venue where they’d want to conduct their wedding and officially unite them. Let them decide; and once they are ready, they should look for me.”

Sheikh Salum said that Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s children risk losing their inheritance if the two would not formalize their relationship, according to Islamic culture.




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