Zari Hassan exposes Diamond Platnumz weakness

Zari Hassan, the partner of Tanzanian musical genius Diamond Platnumz, has revealed the singer’s weakness to be his daughter, Latiffah Dangote.

The couple, who were recently interviewed on Tanzanian radio station Clouds FM, also revealed how they resolve their differences, when they arise.

Zari Hassan said Diamond Platnumz cannot stand seeing Latiffah Dangote being disciplined for a wrongdoing.

“I think we are a normal couple, but there are times when we differ on certain issues. And it can result into something (argument) because of our different backgrounds, understanding of things, upbringing. It is normal to argue while in a romantic relationship.

“Despite all the factors contributing to our arguments, it has not gotten to a point where I say: I am fed up with Diamond Platnumz. Nonetheless, he gets on my nerves, sometimes, due to small simple things like when I discipline our child, Latiffah, it annoys him. He would ask: Why have you beaten her? And I would be like: I need to straighten her. If she is going her offline, I need to bring her back online. Besides that, other small issues would result into us having small misunderstandings,” Zari Hassan said.

Keep off my phone!

Zari Hassan attributes their successful relationship thus far to their unwritten rule: never go through your partner’s mobile phone.

“We have never sparked an argument as a result of snooping on each other; because from the word go, we adopted a rule that he keeps his phone, and I keep my phone. There are certain things he would not want me to see in his phone, and there are certain things I would not want him to get to know about.

“That rule has helped us to keep off unnecessary arguments. Anyway, why should I snoop through his phone? It is his personal gadget. And what would he be looking for in my phone?

“I allow him to go through my Instagram page. I even give him the password, but when it comes to going through my phone, no. I am a business person; he too is a business person. You would never know what would happen if he gets to see certain things likely to annoy him. Men hit on me every day. He, too, is a superstar, who is young and well-established. Obviously there are women who make advances at him.

“In our relationship, one has to be strong. If you don’t put some of these things aside, you will die! It is about: keep of my phone – kindly, and I too will keep off your phone.”

Of long-distance relationship

“There is always going to be certain things said about him. I do not live in Tanzania. He too does not live in South Africa. He would not know what I am doing in South Africa and I would not know what he is doing in Tanzania. So many times I would read or hear certain things said about him – that he is going out with so and so – but where is the proof? How can I prove that, when I am not around to see it for myself?

“So, at the end of the day it needs you to have a strong heart to acknowledge: Yes, I am in a long-distance relationship, how am I going to make this work? Or am I just going to listen to what people say? Things will be said, and when I think I deserve an explanation from him, I seek it. When he is linked to somebody once, I ignore. But when it becomes persistent, I enquire. And he promises a repeat of the claims won’t occur. So we move past that.

“When I begin to believe everything said on social media about my partner then I would be injuring my relationship. Not because we are embroiled in a fight with Diamond Platnumz; but because I am entertaining poison in our lives.”

Diamond Platnumz said he is happy that Zari Hassan is living in a country where the entertainment industry is not driven by hunger for gossip, thus a lot that can cause harm to their relationship is not written about her.


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