Youth call for Mutua resignation over ‘harassment’ of ‘Takataka’ hitmaker Alvindo

A section of youth leaders are now calling for the resignation of Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua over what they term as harassment of upcoming musician Alvindo.

Speaking to EDAILY on Tuesday, Edward Githaiga, CEO Vision 2030 (Youths), condemned the board and, in particular, Mr. Mutua, over the recent decision to ban Alvindo’s now viral song titled ‘Takataka’ and subsequent action to call for his arrest.

According to Mr. Githaiga, the KFCB boss “should have summoned Alvindo for a sit-down and allowed him explain what prompted him to release the song.”

He further slammed Mr. Mutua’s action to record a statement with the police and order for the arrest of the fast-rising singer as well as his producer terming the move as excessive and unnecessary.

Wamaratu Chege, on his part, urged Mr. Mutua to “offer to sponsor Alvindo to record a more appropriate song according to his standards” instead of stifling his talent and music career.

“Mutua is a public servant paid salaries mostly by us, the youth, because we’re the majority in this country. We are now calling for his resignation because he is overstepping his mandate,” added Mr. Chege.

The two also alleged to have reached out to the self-proclaimed moral police for an amicable solution to the matter but he, instead, warned that he would “teach us manners.”

Calls and texts to Mr. Mutua for a right of reply were still unanswered as at the time of publishing.

KFCB, during a press conference held on April 16, 2019, banned the song ‘Takataka’ saying it “objectifies women and glorifies hurting them as normal reaction to rejection of overtures by men.”

“Moving forward, the song should not be performed live or broadcasted anywhere within the Republic of Kenya. No Dj should play the song either on a broadcast station or in any entertainment,” read the statement from the board.

Alvindo was hence summoned to appear before the board within two weeks failure to which, according to Mr. Mutua, legal proceedings would be instituted against him.

Lawyers representing Fast Cash Music Group, to which Alvindo is signed, have however since written to KFCB saying he will honour the summons and present himself to their offices on Thursday May 2, 2019.

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