‘Your wife is cheating’: Woman burns another with hot water ‘for snitching on her’



A 33-year-old woman is nursing burn wounds at Sonak Clinic in Khwisero, Kakamega County after she was scalded with hot water on Wednesday.

The victim, Mary Muhonja, allegedly told the husband of the suspect, Rose Imelda, that she [Imelda] was cheating on him with other men at a trading centre where they [Muhonja and Imelda] operate their businesses.

Muhonja operates a hotel business which is adjacent to a shop run by Imelda.

It is alleged that Muhonja had snitched on Imelda to her husband, claiming Imelda was flirting with other men, who often visited her shop.

Imelda’s husband confronted her, resulting in a heated argument between the couple.

Enraged by the resultant row, Imelda went straight to Muhonja’s hotel, where she found her boiling water that was to be used to prepare ugali. In a split second, Imelda grabbed the sufuria using a piece of cloth and threw the boiling water on the back of her victim. The incident happened at 11am Wednesday.

Muhonja, however, refuted allegations that she reported Imelda’s alleged unfaithfulness to her husband, instead saying Imelda attacked her after she [Muhonja] warned Imelda against meddling in her family matters.

Sonak Clinic doctor, Peter Musungu, says Muhonja is in a stable condition, though she suffered “serious burn wounds”.

Imelda was arrested and is being detained at Khwisero Police Station as investigations into the matter continue.

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