‘Your lifestyle is too lavish for a preacher’: Kathy Kiuna responds to her critics


Reverend Kathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) has defended herself against criticism that she is leading an “extremely luxurious lifestyle”.

Speaking to CNN journalist Richard Quest in the programme titled “World of Wonders”, Kathy Kiuna, who is the wife of JCC founder Allan Kiuna, said “God called Christians to live well”.

“I am not hurt by claims that my lifestyle is too lavish for a preacher,” Ms Kiuna told Mr Quest in an interview recorded during the CNN journalist’s visit to Kenya in October 2018.

“If you do not know me, of course, you will say things about me. You can be well off, but that does not mean that one cannot be humble. I think I am a very humble human being, but I believe that God has called us to live life and live it well. I would like the church to grow; I would want it to grow to 80, 000 or 100, 000 followers,” said Ms Kiuna.

The Kiunas have often come under criticism for portraying what their critics term as “luxurious lifestyles” on social media.

In December 2016, reports were rife on social media that Bishop Allan Kiuna had bought a private, a Cessna Citation X 1997 model which costs $20.6 million (Ksh2.1 billion).

In an interview with EDAILY at the time, Mr Kiuna confirmed the then-rumours, saying: “What I would say is there is no jet yet, but it will come soon. I have already acquired one.”

Bishop Kiuna is, however, yet to reveal information on the status of the jet acquisition.

Jubilee Christian Church, which is headquartered in Nairobi, has 15 branches in Kenya and five international churches.

The total congregation numbers stand at about 10, 000 as at October 2018.


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