Your gel nail polish could be exposing you to cancer: Research


The gel nail polish is good for so many reasons – not only do they look by far better than the regular nail polish, but they also last longer and save you unnecessary visits to the nail parlour. Regular nail polish chips within days. They can even chip just hours after painstaking application.

Gel on the other hand, promises you at least three weeks stress-free, and in the course of these three weeks you can do your dishes, your laundry and whatever you want without fear of losing your coat of nail polish.

Yet, it now emerges that gel polish may not be as good we all think it is. In order for the gel polish to set well, it has to be cured using UV lamps. The lamps emit UVA rays which are four times stronger than rays from the sun. These are the same rays that are emitted from tanning beds, and tanning beds have a long history with cancer.

Research has now shown that frequent exposure to these UV rays has the potential of damaging your DNA and can go as far as exposing one to skin cancer. The same research showed that these side effects may be detected after 12 such visits to the nail parlour. This raises some serious issues given that some people may have the gel polish done up to three times in a month. The risk they will have unknowingly exposed themselves to is just too great.

However, one can still have their cake and eat it if they take the necessary precautions during the application of the gel polish. One such precaution is wearing fingerless gloves that will reduce the intensity of the rays that reach the skin of the hand. Yet another precaution is applying sunscreen to the hands and wrists areas fifteen minutes to the manicure session.

Just as sunscreen protects the skin from the harsh UV rays from the sun, they will protect your hands from the UVA rays. Make sure your manicurist does not overexpose your hands to the rays. As a safety precaution,  the manicure parlours should have the gloves and the sunscreen available for their clientele.


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