Youngest MP in soup over lack of wife, warned against ‘slay-queens’



Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi has been faulted by his constituents for neglecting his duties – including “fixing of worn out roads” in the area – because he “is busy in Nairobi looking for a wife”.

His constituents drew the lawmaker’s attention to Maua-Kimongoro Road, which, they say, has a lot of potholes.

Some youth even decided – by themselves – to fill the potholes with gravel, saying “it is evident we can’t wait for Mwirigi to repair the roads because, we understand, he is busy looking for a wife in Nairobi”.

The potholes on the Maua-Kimongoro Road begin at Red Canteen Junction to Kimongoro Market.

Igembe South constituents confronted Mr Mwirigi on Friday, when he showed up at the Maua Youth Polytechnic in the company of area Governor Kiraitu Murungi.

The constituents – mockingly – told him that he “doesn’t have to forget his duties as an MP simply because he has committed all his time and attention toward wife-hunting”.

“We have a lot of women here [Meru], who can make good wives. We urge him to give us the go-ahead and look for a lady, who will perfectly suit him. If that [wife-hunting] is what is keeping him in Nairobi, we are ready to bring him back by picking for him a wife from Igembe South, who will ensure that he sticks around and fulfill the pledges he made to us while campaigning in the run-up to August 8, 2017 general election,” said one of the dissatisfied constituents.

Mr Mwirigi, in his defense, said it is not true that he has camped in Nairobi while looking for women with “slay-queen attributes”.

“I will deliver on my promises to Igembe South constituents. I need time; the roads, under my jurisdiction, will be repaired,” said Mr Mwirigi.

“Those claiming that I have pitched tent in Nairobi in a bid to look for a wife are lying. However, I would tell you that once I get a partner to settle down with, I will hold a big ceremony in Igembe South, where I will invite all of you to attend,” said the 25-year-old.

“And again, even if I marry, it won’t be my wife’s responsibility to repair roads in Igembe South. That, would remain to be my duty as area MP,” said Mr Mwirigi.

The legislator spoke at the polytechnic, where Governor Kiraitu Murungi and his deputy were issuing cheque for the construction of early childhood development (ECD) classrooms and a workshop for the Maua Youth Polytechnic.

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