You want the uneducated like us to wash roads? Won’t happen – Pastor Ng’ang’a


Controversial preacher and Neno Evangelism church founder, James Maina Ng’ang’a, has launched a scathing attack on those proposing the introduction of laws to regulate the religious sector in Kenya.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s remarks come on the back of a mounting pressure on the State to introduce laws that would require preachers to first acquire theology certificates before putting up churches.

Last week, Citizen TV’s News Gang co-host, Linus Kaikai, fronted that suggestion to the Government.

And yet another journalist, Njoki Chege, who is a weekly columnist for Daily Nation newspaper, also backed that suggestion in her article published last Saturday.

Calls to regulate the church come amid claims that preachers are taking advantage of the lack of laws to defraud faith-desperate Kenyans of their hard-earned money.

Last week, controversial preacher, Dr David Owuor, was accused of defrauding his follower, Jayne Muthoni, of her Nairobi property valued at over Ksh1.5 billion.

And now, Pastor Ng’ang’a has decided to take the bullet on behalf of all controversial preachers in Kenya.

In a video posted to social media last Monday, the man of clothe is seen and heard spewing threats to a Kenyan journalist over his stance against prosperity gospel.

Below is the full transcription of his message:

“Hi viewer, welcome. It is the doctor here, Kenya One; a doctor who doesn’t know how to read or write.

“Today, I said I would address what has been circulating on the internet. First, I appreciate those who do not know how to read because no one would need education – as a qualification – to get into heaven. There is no degree that would be used to measure the doors of heaven. At the same time, let me congratulate those who are learned. You have done a good job, and are doing fine.

“However, this idea being floated – that preachers should first attain education before taking to the pulpit –, [shouldn’t be entertained]. Unlike Rwanda [where that happens], this is Kenya.

“You are a news anchor making such a suggestion. Why? Are all your siblings learned? I do not know how to read or write, but I am the founder of Neno Evangelism Centre. And, people do not need to be educated to know God. All one needs, is faith.

“Today, I prayed for a medical doctor who has been ailing for 26 years. He, thereafter, slept like a small baby. And all those years, he was struggling to find peace. I also prayed for a nurse who has PhD in nursing. She had, until my intercession, been injecting herself with diabetes drugs for close to 20 years. Shut up, I am telling you.

“If you want to deal with any member of the clergy, put your focus on the one, whom you deem to be doing the wrong things. You’re busy saying that the clergymen are stealing left right and centre. When did you come to my church [to establish whether I am a fraudulent preacher]?

“Yes, I do not know how to read and write. Are all Kenyans educated? What can the learned tell us – the uneducated? You won’t block us [from prospering]. You [the learned] are the majority in Parliament, big-title jobs, the Cabinet… You are all over the places like colossuses. What do you want us the illiterate to do? Wash roads? That cannot happen!

“Please, separate preaching from the circus [you are portraying] as a news anchor. I am telling you, young man, stick to your lane. I am speaking to you as the chief general commander. Stop that, if you don’t, you will face the consequences.

“I am not in need of education, whatsoever. And, if you take me to school by force, I won’t learn! I am 66 years old. At what time do you expect me to go to school and acquire a bachelor’s degree in Theology so that I can meet the requirements of starting a church? How would that knowledge help me yet I am in a position to pray for sick and they heal, eventually?

“That statement you, a television personality, have said… We are not wearing make-up to speak to people. In serving God, education is not necessary; it is not the factor elevating us to positions of preachers. We won’t allow the horses to tell us – the donkeys – ‘no, you donkey, your voice won’t be heard’.

“To all my fellow illiterate preachers, we shall stick together! The Constitution has our back.

“Just the same way, the disabled have special paths to hotels and other public utility facilities, we – the uneducated – should also be given our freedom. How does a degree come in when it comes to raising Lazarus from the dead? Don’t cross Ng’ang’a’s path.

“Don’t say all bishops are thieves because we are driving vehicles? Do you want us to ride bicycles? Why? What do you want us to travel in?

“Kenya belongs to the uneducated; we are the majority; and we are the ones voting during elections.

“The learned, you only want to employ us as maids? May God forgive you, and I have prayed for you.”

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