You took advantage of my problems, Musician tells businessman

A Nakuru-based businessman and a gospel musician have been embroiled in a car ownership row, which has now been reportedly taken to court.

Joseph Kiplangat Tergech claims he had – on February 28, 2018 –, legally bought a car, a Toyota Wish model of registration plate KCB 059F, from artiste Lilian Mibei, who – on the other hand –, claims she only assisted Tergech with the vehicle after he made the request.

Mibei says her efforts to repossess the vehicle have been frustrated by the businessman.

Tergech, through his lawyers Patrick Nyaramba and David Ocholla of Nyaramba Advocates, claim that the entrepreneur has legal documents to prove ownership of the car.

“[I am telling Mibei], let us meet in court so that I prove I am the lawful owner of the vehicle we are disputing over. I [followed the right process] to acquire the car from her. She is only bent on tarnishing my name for no apparent reason,” said Tergech in Nakuru Town Thursday.

Mibei says Tergech, who claims to be a pastor, had requested to use her car in February, and she granted him his wish.

She says she had sought legal help from the businessman, who purported to be a human rights lawyer, and they reached the agreement [that she assists him with her car] after a brief interaction.

Mibei claims Tergech did not return the car to her, but sold it to a third party using forged documents.

EDAILY could not independently verify Tergech’s claims that the car ownership wrangle has been escalated to the courts.

Mibei sings in Kalenjin dialect. Some of her popular songs include Achomin Jeiso, Atororin, Kongoi Kiitoreton, Maane, Ibwatan, among others.

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