You need an appointment to visit my home – Rev Cathy Kiuna

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Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) leader, Reverend Cathy Kiuna on Friday, August 5 revealed why you need an appointment to visit her lush Runda residence.

Speaking on Citizen Television’s #OneonOne show, she said that people must first speak to her before visiting her house as it a private residence, not a “church home”

“My house is not a church home. You have to book an appointment. It is for my children and I, and it is very clear because I want to have time with my family,” she said.

Concerning night visits, the worship leader had this to say: “In the evening, it is a no go zone because I have an office for meetings.”

Touching on the criticism she and her family face because of their lavish lifestyle, Cathy said that “people are thankless when it comes to men of the cloth”.

“The things that men of God do, deserves more than the earth can provide. I believe that no man of God is paid enough to do what they do.” She said, “I have no apology for it.”

Hitherto, the Mapambo singer confessed that she was a “bad girl” before her calling to priesthood.

“I was an outgoing lady. Carnivore will open and close when I was there. I smoked and drunk even tried weed at some point.” She recalled.

Kiuna, who runs a women’s ministry dubbed Daughters of Zion, advised couples resolve differences verbally, not violently.

“If you are going to be in a relationship, no matter how much you love one another, there is going to be a fight. It is important to talk and understand how to solve conflict in marriages as the institutions is meant for enjoyment,” she advised.

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