You have been using these 10 emojis wrong all along


What is life without emojis, emojis are the life of the chatting. So what if I told you that you have been doing it all wrong and passing the wrong messages? Because you probably have! Take a look.

  1. Angry face

It is actually a winning face


2. It is actually a deep bow meant to denote an apology or request.

3. BFF

It does not mean best friends. Those two girls are dancing. It means partying or having the time of your life.

4. Shocked

This actually means you are screaming because you are scared.

5. Devil

This is drawn from the Japanese mythology. It denotes a friendly beast who was supposed to chase away other evil forces, but he is malevolent himself.

6. Smirk face

This is not supposed to communicate attitude. It really is an emoji for flirting.

7. Sassy

We use this emoji at the end of the sentence to express sass or attitude. What it really means is information desk.

8. Sleepy emoji

This emoji actually means sleep, and not tears as we have probably assumed.

9. Angry face

We have always thought it is the angriest face yet, boy, were we wrong. It is just mildly angry, it angry at all. This is a pouting face, not a red-faced angry face.

10.  I give up emoji

We have always assumed that this emoji means we give up, or that the situation is hopeless. It really is an ok gesture.

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