‘You couldn’t treat me like a millionaire’: Mobetto to Diamond

Video-vixen-turned businesswoman, Hamisa Mobetto, has thrown shade at her ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz in a new Instagram post, a section of online users believe.

The video vixen took to the social media platform on Monday to suggest that she wasn’t pampered by the millionaire musician, when they were dating.

“You did not have the ability to treat me the way a millionaire would. Your love was overwhelmed by certain happenings in your life. We had to break up at some point,” said Mobetto.

Mobetto’s statement came moments after Diamond indirectly sneered at the video queen for posting to her Instagram page a picture showing her leaning on the chest of a man, who quotas believe is Hamisa’s new boyfriend.

Diamond took to Instagram to write: “I know I am sweet. I also know that you still want to be with me. Though, I’d like to warn you against thinking that you’d be happy [being in a new relationship, yet you still wish you were with me. You cannot handle stress].”

And a seemingly angered Mobetto took to the same platform to express her disappointment at the musician’s remarks.

“I do not believe you said those words. [I do not like] how they sound, and the promises you gave me [while we were dating] did not match what I was looking for,” said Mobetto.

Mobetto and Diamond went separate ways mid this year after a 2-year fling, which resulted in a baby.

The ex-couple’s son, Prince Dylan, celebrated his first birthday on August 5 this year.

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