You certainly didn’t know him this much: 10 mind-boggling facts about Donald Trump

Aggressive. Abrasive. Mean. Arrogant. Brash. Call him what you like but Donald Trump, better known by his moniker ‘The Donald’ has four words for you. “I am the president!”

Republican Donald Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton by 289 electoral votes to 218 electoral votes for the latter to become America’s 45th president.

So, who is this man Donald Trump?

Attended military school

Donald J Trump attended military school at the age of 13. His parents sent him there citing ‘behavior’ problems’ and wanting him to learn discipline. He graduated from the school in 1964.


Trump has never smoked cigarettes, indulged in binge drinking or done drugs. His elder brother Fred died from alcohol addiction and had warned Trump never to try them.

Owned a professional football team

Trump purchased the New Jersey Generals who were part of the United States Football league in 1983. Although the league was shut down and never came to fruition.


A germophobe is a clean freak. Trump is a self-proclaimed germophobe who hates shaking hands. In fact, according to the Washington Post, he refers to shaking hands as ‘one of the curses of American society’.

Owns a board game

Trump is the only president-elect with his own board game titled Trump: The Game. He launched the monopoly like game in 1989 but was eventually dismissed after dismal sales and poor reviews.

Has never used an ATM card

Yes, I know. Call it hard paper but Trump in an interview with Conan O’brien revealed he has never used an ATM Card in his life – we give him the benefit of doubt because he is what he is: moneyed!

Has an award for his deftness in acting

In keeping up with his abrasive self, in 1990 Trump tried his hand at acting and played a role, as himself, (of course) and won an award in the movie Ghosts Can’t Do it. The award? Worst Supporting Actor.

Married three times

Call it tough love, but Trump has had three wives and five children across the unions – two which are now defunct. His first wife, Ivana Trump stole his heart. Then later “stole his money” before divorcing him. Trump is now married to Melania Trump.

Has a star in Hollywood

Trump in 2007 became the 2,327th person to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was the producer of NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ (According to MSN).

And of course, he’s now the 45th president of U.S.A

The 70-year-old business mogul and political novice was elected 45th US president defying odds as the Republican candidate. He is expected to be sworn in on January 20, 2017, where he will officially assume office.


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