You are the best ex-lover ever, Gospel singer Nicah tells Dr Ofweneke


Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has applauded her ex-lover, Dr Ofweneke, for being there for their daughter as she joined school on January 8.

Nicah’s statement comes after the funnyman accompanied their daughter to school as she reported for the first day.

“You are an awesome dad Dr Ofweneke. You wore your best suit for our baby’s first day of school. God bless you for being there for our girls. Cheers to the best ex-lover ever – and baby daddy.”

Dr Ofweneke and Nicah went separate ways in September 2016, just three months after the comedian had proposed to her, with Nicah accusing the entertainer of being violent toward her.

“At this point, I am confused. I don’t know – exactly – why Dr Ofweneke would beat me up. It could be as a result of negative influence from the company he keeps,” Nicah told eDaily in March 2017.

“When we started our relationship, he was violent. I got into the relationship thinking I will change him, but sadly that proved impossible. I refrained from exposing his violent behaviour because I wanted my relationship to work. I am a woman!

“I am looking at my children, considering their future. I do not have something solid to help me generate an income that would keep me afloat in this harsh Nairobi; my name is not that big to grant me big gigs to earn me a significant income. I wanted my relationship to work; I wanted my children to live with their dad. I needed a man in my life,” said Nicah, amid a shaky voice.

“A woman is taught to pray to overcome challenging situations. But the moment Dr Ofweneke beat me up, and packed his things and left a house we lived in, I knew that was it! From September, 2016 we have not been living together.

“Dr Ofweneke was my main support. But now I am marching forth. He was the one paying my rent – something he has done diligently; I won’t lie about that. But again, there are other expenses that I had to foot by myself, including the children’s upkeep.

“Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and ask: What didn’t I have? But I thank God. He has been my pillar; He has been my strength. I am going through a lot of challenges now. My name is not as big as Dr Ofweneke’s. Stories about our failed union out there are favouring him. I am left stranded.

“No one wants to tell him the truth; no one wants to publish a story that paints him in bad light. His name is big. I am trusting in God to help me out.”

When asked, why she chose to go public about her failed relationship with Dr Ofwenke – instead of settling matters within private confines, Nicah said: “I posted photos of my battered face on social media after Dr Ofweneke allegedly told a local entertainment outlet that we broke up after I cheated on him. That was not the case; we broke up after I could no longer take in his beatings.




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