You are either in or out! Shock as Jay Z gives an ultimatum to his wife Beyonce

Beyonce may be forced to compromise and give in to Jay Z’s demand of having another baby, says Radar Online.

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Jay Z, 46, recently delivered an ultimatum to his wife Beyonce, 35.

Beyonce and Jay Z, who are parents to four-year-old, Blue Ivy, had put baby plans on hold so that Beyonce could focus on her latest album and “Formation” world tour.

However, now that the tour is wrapped, a source close to the couple told Radar Online: “Jay Z told her (Beyonce) that when she was done with the tour, that he wanted the two of them to go and see a marriage counselor so that they could come to some sort of common ground with this baby situation.”

“He basically gave Beyonce an ultimatum. He told her that he is ready to have a second child, so she is either in or she is out,” the insider revealed.

“Everyone close to them knows that Jay Z wants to give Blue Ivy a brother or sister more than Beyonce does. But she is not about to let that ruin her marriage.”

“She agreed to meet him in the middle and slow down for a minute,” the source told Radar, adding, “He really wants for her to just enjoy being a wife and mother instead of focusing all of her energy into being a star.”

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