Yes, you spotted me in Kasarani but I won’t resign, vows ODM Deputy Governor


A day after ODM Party disciplinary committee released a list of its members slated for punishment for showing interest in other political outfits, Kisii County Governor Joash Maangi has vowed to stay put in his position despite being spotted at Kasarani on September 10 during Jubilee Party launch.

Mr Maangi has vehemently dismissed calls for his resignation after sections of ODM members deemed him to have defected.

Addressing the press Wednesday in Kisii Town, Maangi insisted he remains as ODM Organizing Secretary in Kisii County, saying he has not decamped to Jubilee Party.

Mr Maangi said he went to Kasarani on September 10 when he was invited as a friend by dignitaries in the Jubilee camp.

According to the deputy governor, those calling for his resignation feel threatened that he is working closely with the government.

“The constitution allows me to mingle and associate with any leader from whichever party,” he said.

Mr Maangi added he is still loyal to his sponsoring party, saying he has never absconded county ODM meetings convened by party chairman Senator Chris Obure.

Despite declaring his affiliation, what confused many is his claim that he would soon communicate his political direction.


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