Wrong spelling on cake: Woman breathes fire after bakery delivers ‘disappointing’ order

Imagine this scenario: You’ve achieved a fete not many have – you’ve probably graduated from an institution of higher learning – and are looking forward to celebrating your milestone with friends and family.

Expectedly, a cake has to be an ingredient in the celebration; and you, therefore, make an online order. Excitedly, you receive your cake on the day you’d set, only to realise that you are being “congrated” instead of “congratulated” for your achievement.

With the word “congration” conspicuously spelt on the top part of the cake, what would you do?

Well, a Twitter user going by the moniker Ms Kimunyu, found herself in such a situation; and, as you would expect, she was, and is still, breathing fire.

She has taken to the micro-blogging site, Twitter, to call out Cake City, located at the Thika Road Mall on Thika Superhighway, for a “shoddy” job they did on a cake she had ordered.

Uploading a picture of the cake she’d allegedly received from Cake City, which had “congratulations” spelt as “congrations”, the enraged Ms Kimunyu wrote: “You guys [Cake City] really need to up your game, when it comes to quality control. Delivering a cake (LATE) with spelling errors is extremely unprofessional. In case you didn’t know this is how CONGRATULATIONS is spelt. Very disappointed @CAKECITYKENYA TRM Branch needs to be streamlined.”

Cake City has, however, reached out to the dissatisfied customer.

Speaking to EDAILY on phone Friday, a marketing officer at Cake City said: “We are handling the matter internally. We have contacted Ms Kimunyu.”

These days, social media has become a powerful platform, where Kenyans take to to call out firms for offering services deemed dissatisfactory.

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