Women wearing tight clothes should be caned in public: Tanzanian DC


Makete District Commissioner Veronika Kessy has ordered public flogging of women wearing extremely tight clothes and men sporting sagging pair of trousers.

Among other clothes Ms Kessy finds to be indecent include miniskirts, G-strings among other outfits.

The DC argues that such kinds of clothes contribute to the rise of immorality in the area.

Ms Kessy made the declarations, when she visited Iniho and Kipagalo residents on Wednesday, November 7. The DC was on a mission to find out some of the problems faced by residents of those areas.

“I’d want to see men’s trousers sagging because of the weight of their wallets, and not because they have intentionally lowered them. I insist, [should we catch you wearing sagged trousers], we will cane you in public. That is the preliminary punishment as we wait for laws stipulating appropriate punishment to be passed at the district level,” said Ms Kessy.

“I am giving an order to law enforcers, if you come across these groups of people wearing indecent clothes, flog them! They are our children,” said Ms Kessy.

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