Women posing nude disgust President Magufuli, orders immediate action

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Tanzanian president John Magufuli has warned musicians in the country against using nude video vixens.

Speaking on Tuesday, December 12 at a Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) parents’ conference in Dodoma, President Magufuli ordered Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to take legal action against artistes using nude video vixens.

The Head of State further advised women against, what he termed as objectifying themselves in music videos.

“There are key moral values that we, as Tanzanian people, have been losing of late. The moral fabric is being eroded gradually. It is our responsibility, as the CCM parents’ welfare association, to speak out and correct matters, when immorality is taking over our daily activities, interactions and culture,” said President Magufuli.

“I am a big fan of good music, Tanzanian songs included. Every time I switch on my television set to watch music videos, the only people I see dancing clotheless in the music videos are women. You will hardly see men dancing naked in music videos. The furthest men will go with nudity is appearing shirtless in music videos so as to flaunt their muscular bodies. They want to show the world that they have six-pack abs; that’s all.

“But for women, not all though, leave very little to the imagination, when it comes to matters nudity. A majority of women enjoy posing nude. As the parents’ welfare association, it is time to call out those perpetrating such behaviour.

“Women, by posing nude, what are we teaching our children? We love music. But, must our women pose naked for the music videos to get views; and as a result, popularity? Does it mean that when a woman dances with clothes on, the music video won’t be enjoyable?

“Parents, it is time for us to return to Godly ways, and seek His intervention. Even Adam and Eve, according to the Bible, ran to cover their nakedness when they realised that they were exposing parts of their bodies that should not be seen by members of the public. In music videos, these women dance naked oblivious to the fact that they are flaunting their bodies in public domain. Fellow countrymen, it is time to protect our traditional Tanzanian culture, regardless our political inclination.”


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