Women can tell if a man is rich in just 3 seconds, new study shows

Women can tell if a man is rich in just three seconds, a new study has found out.

The study, carried out by South Korean researchers, says women can accurately gauge a man’s income based on his looks. And three seconds is just enough for a woman to correctly complete that examination.

The research, which was conducted in Seoul National University and Yonsei University, was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

According to the study, wealthier men have healthier lifestyles and diets, hence “good looks”.

“We found that people are able to detect a person’s mate value through his or her face,” the South Korean researchers said as quoted by www.iol.co.za.

“Among men, facial attractiveness significantly predicted their household income… it has been suggested that developmental stability associated with social class can be conveyed by facial features.

“It appears that perceivers catch this association more easily when observing men’s than women’s faces.”

They added that “sex-specific markers of mate value are implicitly ingrained in attractive facial features”.

Female participants were presented with 152 pictures of men and asked to rate their attractiveness levels.

The findings add weight to the so-called “beauty premium” – the idea that attractive people are more likely to command higher salaries.


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