Woman dumps her dead baby on neighbour’s bed shortly after giving birth

Drama erupted at Bondo area in Suna West Sub-County, Migori County on Thursday, October 25, when a middle-aged woman dumped her newborn baby in her neighbour’s house.

The new mother, whose baby was pronounced dead upon delivery, accused her neighbour of engaging in witchcraft to kill her unborn baby.

Area chief, Silvance Gibore, says the woman had given birth at the Migori Level Four Hospital earlier Thursday, and when she learnt that her son was dead, she carried it to her neighbour’s house, stormed into his bedroom and left the baby on the bed.

The new mother had already gotten permission, from the hospital and relevant authorities, to bury her child.

Chief Gibore says a confrontation ensued between the woman and the accused, and when their exchanges were turning ugly, police were called in to restore order.

The woman was ordered to carry her son and go bury him, which she did after long protestations.

The baby was buried at his mother’s matrimonial home in Suna West.

Chief Gibore says police are investigating claims of witchcraft leveled against the woman’s neighbour, who has received many accusations of similar nature before.


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