Woman disappears mysteriously after being “hidden in a pit for eight months” by boyfriend

Accusations of witchcraft have been leveled against a Tanzanian businessman identified by only one name as Mtei after a woman believed to be his girlfriend was found hidden in a pit inside his house in Dar es Salaam.

According to one officer attached to Mbezi Police Post in Dar es Salaam, the woman had been hidden in a traumatizing environment and was taken to the station before being referred to Tumbi Regional Referral Hospital in Kibaha for treatment.

However, the woman has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

“Do you have information that the woman who was rescued from a pit in Mtei’s home in Kibamba has disappeared under mysterious circumstances? I ask you because the other day you featured her story on your newspaper,” the police officer told Amani journalist.

It has now emerged that the mother of two has indeed disappeared.

According to Kinondoni region Police Commander Christopher Fuime, the lady disappeared while she was still at the police post.

However, an officer attached to Mbezi Police Post said he is convinced that the lady was taken to Tumbi Hospital because he saw his boss heading to the facility to monitor her progress.

Tumbi Regional Referral Hospital, through its communications officer Rose Didas, denied that the woman had been admitted at the facility; hence did not disappear while under the hospital’s care.

The woman’s kinsmen, who spoke to one radio station, said they were shocked by the disturbing images of their sibling in deplorable condition doing rounds on social media.

After learning that she was taken to Mbezi Police Post, they rushed there; only to be told that their sibling had disappeared mysteriously; and that no one knows where she is.

Authorities are investigating into her mysterious disappearance.

Hidden for ritual

Police arrested Mr Mtei, who reportedly hid the woman, who hails from Buruguni Rozana, in a cemented pit for more than eight months.

Initial reports indicate that the man intended to use the woman in a ritual that was to bring him wealth.

The woman, said to be in her twenties, was rescued by Tanzanian authorities following a tip off from the man’s neighbors.

She told her rescuers that she used to survive on just two meals a week.


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