Woman dies in guest room she’d booked into with her boyfriend


A family in Tanzania is mourning their loved one, who died in a guest room where she had booked herself into with her lover.

Sophia William, better known as Sophie, died at Twiga Guest house, which is situated at Keko-Juu in Dar es Salaam.

Sophie was in the company of her boyfriend, only identified as Haule, when she died.

Sophie, who was a cabin crew member at an international airline, and her lover booked themselves into a guest room that “they frequented”.

Twiga Guest house management, led by one Rajabu Mohammed, confirmed to Tanzania’s Ijumaa newspaper that indeed Sophie died at the facility.

“The two slept through the night, when Haule approached the guest room attendants in the morning, informing them that Sophie was lying motionless in the room.

“When we went to the room they had booked themselves into, we found it was true – Sophie’s body was lying motionless on the bed. We told Haule that even before we rush her to hospital, we had to first inform the police about the incident. When the police arrived at our guest house, they took Sophie to Kilwa Road Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

“Police arrested Haule, who is still being interrogated over Sophie’s death,” said Mohammed.

Sophie’s family, however, suspects that their daughter was murdered by her lover.

The family revealed that when news broke about Sophie’s death, a man came out demanding to bury Sophie’s body, deceiving the police that he was Sophie’s father.

It later emerged that the man was the father of Sophie’s friend.

In another confusing twist, a police officer in Dar es Salaam had offered to foot Sophie’s morgue expenses, an act that elicited suspicion among many. The police officer would later claim that he was being kind because Sophie was a regular customer at his bar.

According to Sophie’s uncle, identified as John Kuyola, they, as family, were told that Sophie succumbed to shortness of breath. They have expressed doubts on the claims; and have taken samples for examination at a government health facility.

The deceased was buried on May 6 in Bunda District. She is survived by a two-year-old child.

Temeke police boss, Gilles Muroto, confirmed that Haule, Sophie’s friend and his father are in custody as investigations continue.

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