Woman breastfeeds 36-year-old boyfriend

Imagine this, you are a mother, but then, you come across an article that talks about an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship (ABR) and decide to start breastfeeding the man in your life.

This is what a woman from Atlanta has started doing, 20 years after having children.

Jennifer Mulford quit her job as a bartender to induce breastfeeding because she wants to start an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship (ABR) with her 36 year old boyfriend  Brad Leeson.

Jennifer was single when she stumbled across a website about ABR.

“When I read about the bond breastfeeding could create between two people, I was envious,” Jennifer told the NewYork Post.

She then started searching for men who would be open to the idea of adult breastfeeding.

“When I read about the pure joy it brought others, I was desperate to seek out a partner to share an emotional bond with. I used dating sites, put messages on ABR forums and even put an advert on Craigslist, but I drew a blank. I started to think I’d never get to try adult breastfeeding,” she told the New York Post.

She finally started chatting about the idea one night with Brad, an old boyfriend from school.

“We were talking and Brad told me he had a thing for big-breasted women, and that size had always been a factor in his relationships. I thought it was the perfect time to bring up adult breastfeeding — and see if he’d be interested,” said Jennifer.

According to Jennifer, Brad was instantly open to the idea.

“It was like a light switch flicked in his head. I could tell from his voice that he was curious and excited,” she told the New York Post.

Brad started doing his own research into ABR and they soon became more than just friends.

Because Jennifer had not breastfed for over 20 years, she had no milk to feed Brad.

The couple needs to induce lactation by dry-feeding and pumping her breasts every two hours, just as if she is feeding a baby.

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