Woman at centre of husband’s painful death over Ksh4 million Govt compensation


A 37-year-old woman from Kaaga-Kianjiru Village in Gichugu Constituency, Kirinyaga County has been arrested on suspicion of killing her husband, who recently received Ksh4 million from the Kenyan Government after his parcel of land was obtained by the State for the construction of Thiba Dam.

Peter Muthike, 45, was allegedly hit by a blunt object on the head and neck before being fatally hacked in the back by his wife, Lydia Wanjiru, who claims to have quarreled with the quadragenarian.

According to the couple’s neighbours, Muthike and Wanjiru had a troubled marriage, which was imbued with recurrent fights.

The deceased’s brother, Micairu Muthike, says he received a distress call from Wanjiru at 2am Friday, asking him to rush to their Kaaga-Kianjiru home because “something terrible had happened”.

Micairu says a bodaboda operator picked him from his Kiamiciri Village home at 5am Friday, and by 6am, he had arrived at his brother’s Kaaga-Kianjiru home.

“I met my sister-in-law walking out of her gate accompanied by her son, a Class Six pupil. She asked me to escort her to Kianyaga Police Station to file a report on what she referred to as ‘the sudden death’ of her husband,” said Micairu.

Micairu, however, declined heeding to his sister-in-law’s request, saying: “I did not know what I was going to tell the police, given I had not seen my brother’s body.”

Muthike’s wife, nonetheless, went to the police station, where she filed a report, admitting that they had engaged in an ugly physical fight. She, however, did not say that Muthike died during or following the fight. She, instead, told the police: “My husband killed himself”.

Muthike’s wife early Friday led the police to the scene where her husband had died, and they found an irate crowd, which was baying for the suspect’s blood.

The crowd overpowered the police and grabbed the suspect from the authorities’ control, attacking her with kicks and blows.

The police, however, managed to rescue the suspect from her aggressors, bundled her into a waiting police car and drove to Kianyaga Police Station, where she will be detained until investigations are completed.

Preliminary investigations by the police revealed that Muthike’s wife had removed the deceased’s blood-stained clothes and replaced them with clean ones to “hide evidence” of the cold blood murder.

Muthike’s blood-stained clothes were later discovered stashed in a gunia, which was hidden inside the house. His body, on the other hand, lay on the floor next to their matrimonial bed.

Muthike’s body was moved to a private morgue in Kutus Town, with an autopsy slated to take place on a later date.

Muthike and Wanjiru had five children, who are primary school pupils.


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