Woman, 21, gives birth to baby with two heads in Busia


A 21-year-old woman has given birth to a daughter with strange physical features in Budalang’i Constituency, Busia County.

Judith Atieno delivered her third born at Sirimba Mission Hospital on Wednesday, June 22. Ms Atieno says she is shocked by her baby’s congenital disorder.

“I gave birth to my daughter yesterday (June 22) at 10pm. I was shocked to see she has abnormal physical features. The baby has two heads. I attended antenatal care at a Budalang’i clinic and I delivered safely,” she told eDaily.

Ms Atieno has been advised by medics at Port Victoria Hospital – where she’d gone to seek treatment for her newborn – to transfer her daughter to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret for emergency care.

Doctors at Sirimba and Port Victoria hospitals are yet to comment on the possible cause of the baby’s birth defect.

However, health experts say birth defects may be the result of genetic or environmental factors.


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