Wizkid to Davido: You sing like a frog

Diss tracks, Twitter rants and open criticism have become the order of the day inside Wizkid and Davido’s archenemy lives. These two are arguably the biggest music acts in Africa and one would think they would, at least, stay within respectful distance of one another but this is hardly the case.

The beef has taken an even more humorous turn as Wizkid took to Twitter to call out Davido for his husky voice. Wizkid is of the idea that Davido voice can only be likened to that of a frog in this post written in Pidgin.

Prior to this Twitter post, Davido had implied in the lyrics of the song ‘Summer body’ featuring Olamide that he was not a local act. He even had an American passport and that made him an international artist too.

This was in answer to Wizkid who had earlier thrown some major shade on the If singer, saying that he (Davido) was too young and that his game was local.

Wizkid now says that having an international passport cannot heal Davido’s frog voice.

Both artistes have been signed to Sony Music, and one would think this would induct some sort of fellow-feeling in them because, after all, both are doing well. Yet, the camaraderie fails to come through and they jump at any opportunity to smear mud at each other via social media and sneaky lyrics.

Wizkid recently won a BET Award for the Best International Act: Africa in the just concluded BET Awards 2017. Perhaps this might have done something to his ego to a point that he suddenly thinks his fellow countryman sounds like a frog.

We do not know who will have the last word in this beef but so long as they keep our music supply fresh and hot, they can carry on with their beef to the end of the world.


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