Witchdoctor’s bizarre ‘bicycle pump treatment’ leaves man dead

A 60-year-old man from Salawe in Shinyanga Tanzania bled profusely and died on October 3 after a witchdoctor’s bizarre ‘healing’ on him backfired.

Joseph Sahni, who had reached out to Robert Mkoma at 4pm Sunday to help him boost his sexual stamina, bled to death after the witchdoctor applied a white powder on the tip of his manhood and used a bicycle pump to push the powder into the urinary meatus.

Sahni collapsed, bled and died shortly after Mkoma had stopped pumping air into his urinary meatus.

Shinyanga regional police boss Simon Haule confirmed the incident.

“Our officers have arrested Mkoma as investigations continue. The suspect will be charged with murder,” said Haule.

“I urge people to seek professional treatment from qualified health medics instead of rushing to witchdoctors for healing,” added Haule.


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