Winnie Odinga criticised for accompanying dad to meet DRC president


Raila Odinga’s daughter, Winnie, is on the receiving end for accompanying her father to meet DR Congo president Felix Tshisekedi.

Twitter users wondered the capacity Ms Odinga occupied when she went with Mr Odinga to meet President Tshisekedi in Nairobi, Wednesday.

The DRC Head of State, who left Kenya on Thursday, March 14, was in Nairobi for a United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) conference.

@HonBenMogaka tweeted a picture of Ms Odinga taking notes as her father was talking to Mr Tshisekedi Wednesday.

Mogaka captioned the image: “Raila and his daughter in DRC [untrue] as his secretary. IMPUNITY!”

Not taking the “impunity” claim lying down, Ms Odinga responded to Mr Mogaka, saying: “I don’t think you know what impunity means, let me help you out. Impunity means ‘exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fine’.”

Another Twitter user, Ochieng Wycliffe, sided with Mogaka, telling Winnie: “I think the guy [Mogaka] lacked a better word of the same [impunity], but he had an idea. So, take that idea. You know yourself better… and your father…”

Ms Odinga responded, saying: “What is the idea he had? That I am not qualified to work for the person who has trained me all my life?”

Wycliffe replied, saying: “These are self-proclamations… There is nothing here like the one who taught you! Are you the only person who was taught by him? If no, why only you [to accompany Raila for the high-level meeting]?”

Winnie said: “Lol! You [Wycliffe] have lost your point. Just go and relax, baba.”

It remains unknown the capacity Ms Odinga occupied in the powerful meeting.

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