Willy Paul opens up on his secret son and ‘over 300 unreleased songs’

Controversial Kenyan singer Willy Paul has for the first time spoken out about his private life away from showbiz and all the glam that comes with it.

In a recent interview with Milele FM, the ‘Shado Mado’ hitmaker revealed that he is the proud father of a one-year-old boy.

Pozze, as he is popularly referred to, further stated that child’s mother is a woman of Arab descent but declined to disclose her identity.

“I have a child, he is now 12 months old. His name is King Damian; by that name alone he is already a star,” he stated.

The Saldido Records Founder also dismissed a question on whether or not he had married or planned to marry the child’s mother saying “I like keeping such details private.”

He also stated that he would not be opening any social media accounts for King Damian, as most local and international celebrities have – in recent times – done for their children.

“I do not have time for petty fame; because you can never be sure if, when the child grows up, he/she would want that kind of lifestyle.”

Willy Paul went ahead to state that his latest release – ‘Shado Mado’ – is only the second of five songs that he has previously recorded with Jamaican singer Alaine, adding that the remaining ones will be released in due time.

And, on just how many songs – in total – he has recorded but is yet to release, he said: “Close to 300, I think…maybe more.”

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