Willy Paul ‘now an actor’ in a Nigerian film

Making nollywood movie is amusing and easy especially when puling an ‘oga’ stance.

Popular Kenyan gospel act, Willy Paul of Sitolia fame took to social media to tell his fans how exciting staging a death scene sounds when done by a Kenyan.

In the short clip captioned how Nigerians make their movies uploaded on Instagram Saturday 27, Willy Paul narrates the plot of his short movie creating the sound notes using a keyboard piano.

“Mama! Mama!” he calls

“What is it my son?” he answers with a different tone.

“Papa is dead!” he continues.

“My enemies have finally succeeded to pin me down!”

He finally gets over his joking and bashes out to point out his intent for the footage.

“Naija wacheni kutuenjoy,” he laughs out.

Watch the post below:

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