Willy Paul, Nandy do ‘worse’ on stage during Tanzania show – VIDEO


Dressed in a white skinny trouser, white T-shirt, yellow trench coat and white shoes, Kenyan gospel act Willy Paul performed like never before on a stage at Sumbawanga, Western Tanzania on Wednesday night.

Next to him, was Tanzania’s superstar Nandy, who charged the crowd at some point when she asked the revellers what song they wanted the pair to sing.

“Hallelujah” was the unanimous shout by the crowd, a response that relived a night which, evidently, was going to be one of a kind.

In her black boob tube, African print pair of pants, and black sneakers Nandy looked ready for a jump on Willy Paul any time from the time they were told “Hallelujah” ought to be their next performance.

Their performance started “well”, with either of the singers occasionally pointing their microphone at the excited crowd in a bid to let them sing along.

However, when Willy Paul’s turn to sing: “Mi ni fundi mwenye slow motion, matendo yangu slow but kwenye motion”, Nandy quickly jumped on Willy Paul’s body, wrapping her legs around the waist of the Kenyan act, before gyrating suggestively on the waist of the male artiste, sending the crowd into rapturous screams.

As if that was not enough, Nandy untangled herself from Willy Paul’s body, faced the opposite direction and immediately bent over to position her bum strategically against Willy Paul’s groin. And, the two rubbed, danced much to the crowd’s euphoria.

There is no doubt Willy Paul is celebrated in Tanzania, if the screams of approval and excitement were anything to go by.

However, back home – Kenya — there is a big doubt on his tag as a “gospel” artiste, going by the on-stage performance, which, comes barely two weeks after another controversial one featuring the two artistes at the KICC in Nairobi on May 31.

During that Nairobi festival dubbed Choma na Ngoma concert, Nandy, knelt down and wrapped her hands around the waist of Willy Paul, with the “Fanya” star gently placing his hands on the head of the songstress.

Pictures capturing the moment, elicited a barrage of criticism.

Veteran Kenyan musician Nameless even told Willy Paul that “huyo kijana [Willy Paul] atatuonyesha mambo”.

But, does Willy Paul care, anyway? He doesn’t.

And so, watch the video of his performance in Tanzania below:







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