Willy Paul dragged on social media for copying Diamond Platnumz

Gospel artist Willy Paul is receiving social media backlash – and once more, it has to do with Tanzanian mega star Diamond Platnumz.

The controversial artist posted a photo on his Instagram account clad in an outfit that looked nearly identical to one that Diamond’s.


Social media users went on the offensive, with many asking why a gospel artist would want imitate a secular one.

t.misiani @willypaulmsafi Ku copy swagg za Diamond bro…Be creative! Acha kujiangusha!

mcchris_made_it You claim gospel yet you look up to Diamond Platnumz, from jina to now copying a whole look! Smh

cafriainc @willypaulmsafi your just a copycat of Diamond Platnumz who am a big fan of

thee_lordie Lacking originality, badala you create your own brand nikucopy Diamond kila kitu tu

morisdangote Haha how to be Diamond Platnumz, hii ni kali joh

This is not the first time that he has been called out for copying Diamond Platmumz. Social media users have previously told off the singer for calling himself Willy Paul Msafi, saying that he stole the moniker from Diamond’s record label: Wasafi Records.

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