Wilbroda eulogises Waweru Mburu in heartfelt message


Citizen Television’s Papa Shirandula actress Wilbroda has eulogised veteran radio journalist Waweru Mburu as a fearless, humble, straightforward and wise man who encouraged the youth to pursue their dreams regardless the challenges the latter are going through.

Wilbroda, born Jacqueline Nyaminde, shared with eDailly some of the highlights of Waweru Mburu’s life well-lived.

“He was such an amazing boss; very down to earth. You would hardly know that he is a boss. He was also a gifted humorist. I will never forget his pieces of advice; always telling us to invest when we are still young and have an income. He also encouraged us to be givers. Waweru Mburu was selfless. He was not afraid to speak the truth,” said Wilbroda.

“I shared platforms with him on several occasions – the road shows, Radio Citizen events, several meetings. I remember the last event I graced alongside him was when he invited us to his church. His demise is such a big blow, so unexpected. Pole sana to his family, Royal Media Services group, his friends and very many fans. God looked down and picked his best. Waweru Mburu must be up in heaven right now entertaining God and the angels,” said Wilbroda.

Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto Show host Willy M Tuva also eulogised Waweru Mburu as a man who feared nobody, but stood for the truth.

“Waweru Mburu was a very good listener. When one talked, he kept silent. Upon completion of your statement, he would respond with a lot of insight. He taught me how to be a good listener: listen more, listen attentively and talk less.

“Another lesson that he taught me was good leadership. Third, he taught me the power of independence – that you should never fear anyone if you are doing right, even if a majority of people want you to do wrong. Waweru did not fear anyone apart from God,” Tuva told eDaily Thursday.

“The biggest thing Waweru Mburu did for me is giving me the opportunity to pursue my radio career, and giving me the freedom to explore new ideas. He was a good boss – firm but honest. He would not micromanage you. He’d just tell you: ‘You have a responsibility to deliver. Do whatever you wish, so long as it is within radio code of conduct.’ Because of that assurance, I have been able to create segments in Mambo Mseto Show, which have done extremely well.

“I pray God can grant Waweru Mburu’s family strength during this difficult period. However, in the same breath, I urge fans to celebrate the life of a hero who brought sanity in society through his unparalleled commentary on radio,” said Tuva.

Waweru Mburu passed on Wednesday evening at MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi after a long battle with gastric cancer.

Royal Media Service Ltd Chairman Dr SK Macharia, Vice Chair Mrs Gathoni Macharia and Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru condoled with the family terming Mburu’s death as a blow to Royal Media Services and the media industry.

eDaily says: Fare thee well veteran Waweru Mburu.




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