Wife of Kiba’s brother denies reports she has dumped him over ‘loveless’ marriage

The wife of Ali Kba’s younger brother, Abdul Kiba, has rubbished reports doing the rounds online that she has ended her marriage to the “Single” hit-maker over “lack of affection” in their union.

Abdul Kiba and his partner, Rwahida, tied the knot in April this year, just a few weeks after Ali Kiba married his Mombasa-based lover, Amina Khalif.

Sources close to Abdul and Rwahida say a “loveless” union is the cause of their split barely five months since they settled together. Rwahida has reportedly moved out of their matrimonial home.

Insiders told Tanzania’s Global Publishers that Abdul Kiba has been spending nights at Ilala in Arusha away from their matrimonial home, leaving his wife to beat the cold alone.

The informants further allege that Abdul was pressurized into marrying Rwahida, and that the decision was not founded on love.

“Abdul does not love Rwahida. I think he married her to appease his parents. Many a times, you would find him out as late as 10pm,” said the source.

Abdul Kiba’s manager, Rehema, however, says she is “unaware” of any information about Abdul-Rwahida split.

Rehema says Abdul Kiba’s outgoing personality has had people thinking he is ignoring his wife, given he has been spotted at entertainment joints late in the night.

“Abdul likes to keep his private life under wraps. A lot of people online question why he, unlike his brother Ali Kiba, never post to his social media pages pictures of his wife. [That is not who he is],” said Rehema.

When reached for comment, Rwahida said her marriage is intact, and that there are no problematic issues, which would warrant a split.

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