Wife of KDF soldier killed in Friday Shabaab attack makes passionate appeal to Uhuru

A family in Maralal Town is mourning the death of their relative who was among a group of Kenyan soldiers killed during an Al Shabaab attack in Somalia Friday.

Abdala Aziz is among tens of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers killed in an intense battle after Al Shabaab militants struck their Kulbiyow camp in Somalia on Friday morning.

The soldiers were part of the African Union peace keeping force (Amisom) deployed near the Kenyan border.

Khadija Dahir, the wife to Mr Aziz, told EDAILY that the family is yet to receive official communication from government regarding the death of her husband.

“His colleague phoned and informed us of the bad news yesterday (Saturday). We were shocked. His death has really affected us. Some of our relatives have gone to Nairobi and have successfully identified my husband’s body,” said Dahir.

She added that the family has already arranged for Aziz’s burial slated for Monday in Isiolo.

Dahir has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to come to her rescue, saying her husband was the sole bread winner for their family – and that her daughter who is schooling at Moi Girls Secondary School in Maralal Town risks dropping out if no one would help her pay the school fees.

Bishar Abdillahi, Aziz’s uncle, said that the deceased has left a large gap in the family; a gap he says will never be filled.

“His daughter has left school because she is too low spiritually. This is a big blow to our family. We are very sad,” said Abdillahi.

Aziz is the second person in his family to die in such a manner. His uncle, who was also a KDF soldier, was killed by Al Shabaab militants at El Adde camp in Somalia January last year.

While sending condolences to the deceased’s family, Chairman of Muslim community in Maralal Town Ahmed Farah urged the government to withdraw KDF soldiers from Somalia.

“Let Somalia fight and solve her own problem. On behalf of Muslim community, I ask our Commander in Chief, the President, to withdraw our children from Somalia so that they can man our borders,” said Farah.

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