Wife of AP officer shot dead over woman causes a stir outside Ngong night club

Report by Jemimah Kiarie for eDaily.

The wife of an Administration Police (AP) officer, who was on April 28 shot dead by the owner of an entertainment joint in Ngong town in Kajiado County, caused a stir outside the night club on Thursday night (May 11), when she drove to the site where her husband was killed, chanted incantations and collected soil from the site for unknown purpose.

Witnesses suspect that the soil will be used for rituals to avenge the AP officer’s death.

“We saw AP officers in a Toyota Land Cruiser drive to the site where their colleague was killed over two weeks ago. A few minutes later, a woman driving a saloon car also arrived at the site, accompanied by her child. The woman came out of her car, chanted incantations, collected soil from the spot her husband was killed; put it in a black plastic bag and drove off, leaving us confused. We have never witnessed such an act before,” said a witness.

According to a Luhya elder, who spoke to eDaily, the woman will, likely, use the soil to avenge her husband’s death – and that her husband’s killer will never find peace until the day he (killer) dies.

The woman’s husband, an AP officer, met his death on April 28 after a Ngong night club owner pumped four bullets into his chest from close range, killing him on the spot, after a fight broke out over a woman, who was in the company of the night club owner.

Witnesses said the police officer had stared at the woman when she and her businessman lover were exiting the joint, evoking fury in the night club owner.

The incident occurred outside the Ngong night club at 11pm.

Confirming the then-incident, Kajiado County AP Commander, Philemon Mboya, said, according to witnesses, the now-deceased and the club owner had earlier engaged in a scuffle inside the club before the fatal shooting.

The suspect and the woman were arrested and held at the Ngong Police Station before being released on police bail.

The body of the deceased was taken to City Mortuary, and is slated for burial in Western Kenya at a later date in May.



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