Why Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz’s mum fell out


The mother of Tanzanian elite singer Diamond Platnumz and her daughter-in-law Zari Hassan fell out during their March, 2016 Europe tour, says Amani newspaper.

Diamond Platnumz’s mum Sanura ‘Sandra’ Kasim and Zari Hassan had an altercation when the elderly woman slipped and fell while using the escalator.

When Zari – who was in the vicinity – reached out to Ms Kasim to help her get back on her feet, the elderly woman reportedly shoved her off.

“Diamond’s mum pushed Zari’s arm away and told Zari to leave her alone,” a source intimated to the outlet.

“I believe Zari and her mother-in-law are not in good terms. Even Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz does not get along with Zari,” added the insider.

According to the source, Zari Hassan wants to be in full control of Diamond’s family and Sanura Kasim is not impressed.

“Diamond should stamp his authority and reconcile his mother, partner and sister. If his mother and Zari fail to bury the hatchet, he (Diamond) should make a decision on who he will stick by. He shouldn’t portray an image of a happy family to the public, yet when they are alone they cannot even converse. That is not right,” said the source.

When Sanura Kasim was reached for comment she refuted the claims that she is not in good terms with Zari.

“Zari and I don’t have any dispute. Go and ask the one who told you that there are disagreements between us to tell you more,” said Ms Kasim.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz, unlike her mother, admitted that she is not friendly with Zari.

“We are not good friends,” said Esma.

Diamond, however, maintains that his family is closely knitted – and that those who hate on him are the ones who are peddling false information about his family.

He albeit acknowledges that there’s nothing much he can do about it.


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