Why your college buddies are succeeding as you struggle

You went to the same schools. You even interned at the same firm after college, boarding the same matatus to your cramped one-roomed SQs.

Five years later, you are struggling to make ends meet and your former classmate is ten steps ahead of you.

He has a fantastic job at a well-paying regional firm, one that has enabled him to live in the green leafy suburbs.

He is driving a luxury car; you are queuing at the matatu stage, hoping that the rains find you in the house.

He calls his personal banker to ask about his investment portfolio while you are ducking your chama because you don’t have money to pay your monthly dues.

You had similar backgrounds, but now your lives look nothing alike. What could have made him so much more successful than you?

While luck may come into play at some level, there are characteristics that make one more successful than the other at the workplace.

Celebrated author Sean Covey studied highly successful people and realised that most of them have some common habits:  proactivity, beginning with the end in mind, putting first things first, seeking first to understand then to be understood, synergising and sharpening the saw.

Sound foreign to you? Well the short video below will break it down in minutes.

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